The sudden arrival of COVID forced us to adapt very quickly.  We learnt a lot, and embraced the opportunity to learn, we are a school after all!   We invested hugely in redesigning our traditional classrooms into Blendable Classrooms, and we built a new and dedicated Blended Control Room, in order to support our teachers, students and parents in both our online and traditional school based environments.

What this means is that 'We Are Blendable'.  Our students can choose, on a day to day basis, whether to come to the school campus to access their lessons and assignments in the traditional manner, or at times stay at home and access their lessons and assignments digitally.


This allows us to provide what we believe the future of education will look like in this rapidly changing 21st 'Digital' Century.  We are now a Blendable School, a school that is more mobile and flexible, and that really works for everyone, no matter where they are or what their circumstances may be.