Early Years







Cambridg University Curriculum

When do we get a Timetable?
Timetables are published on the Parent Information Portal at this link.  Parents can access their child's class timetables at any time.  Timetables are changed every year in July and published on the first day of the new academic year.

When do we get an ECA Form?
ECA's are not offered for children in the Early Years. 

What do we need to bring to school?
Please click on these links depending on which school your child is in to get further information about what to bring to school - Early years  - Primary School - Senior School.

What kind of sports shorts do we wear?
Pupils wear their own normal clothes for PE activities in the Early Years.


What kind of shoes do we wear at school?
All Children are expected to wear smart, practical black coloured footwear with their uniform to school. 

What time does the school bus leave in the evening?
The school operates three buses, these all leave school after the ECA program at approx 4.20pm.  If the ECA program is not operating, the buses leave straight after lessons at approx 3.20pm.  It is not normal for Early Years children to use the Bus.

Do you have seatbelts in the school bus?
Yes all buses have seatbelts and a Teacher Assistant onboard.

What kind of food do you have in school?
The school operates a healthy food program.  The school canteen does not use MSG or extra salt and sources food from local suppliers.  The canteen offers two choices of lunch a day as well as fresh fruit, salad and steamed vegetables daily, please click here to see the lunch menu.

What time is lunch?
Lunch is held at different times for each school.  The Early years eat at 11.30am, the Primary School eat at 12.10 pm and the Senior School eat at 1.00pm. 

How many times a week do students attend Thai Lessons?
In the Ladybirds and Busybees class the children have Thai for 40 mins everyday.

What is the child to teacher ratio and do you have teaching support assistants?
In Ladybirds the maximum class size is 15 children, child to teacher ratio is 1:4 for 2-3 year olds. In Busy Bees the maximum class size is 20 children with a child to teacher ratio of 1:7