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A whole school "get-together"

(Amateur photo taken before the whole school photo on Wednesday 21st March 2018)

This week was not a usual week at the International School of Samui. Everybody was looking great, with their big smiles .... in front of the camera as it was the Annual School Photograph event.

We are very fortunate to have our very own ISS parent and professional photographer, Anne Sophie, (SamuiPics) visit us every year to take portrait photos of our students to remember their particular academic school year. There are 5 different categories:

  1. Individual

  2. Classroom

  3. Siblings

  4. Entire Early Years, Primary and Senior school, respectively; and

  5. Whole school photo

Can you imagine the work put into organising all of these? "Difficult and complicated" is an understatement.

First each class were scheduled for individual photos, one in the library and another in the garden area. Then they moved into the Sports Hall for a class photo. After all this was done, siblings photos were scheduled so students with brothers and/or sisters could have their beautiful moments together in their proper ISS school uniforms captured by the lens.

But the teachers and photographers probably had the biggest job on Wednesday 21st March 2018. First order of business was the entire primary school photo. Children from Reception to Year 6 sat together -- all waited patiently until everyone was seated down and ready for a few seconds of a camera click.

This was followed by the whole school photo, which included the entire ISS staff -- from Admin to Kitchen Staff to Maintenance. It took ages to organise, but it was all worth it! It brings a wonderful feeling to be part of a community as big as this (more or less 400 individuals were there.)

It was really special, and probably a unique moment where, literally, all the people involved in the International School of Samui were together. It must be one of the most valuable moments for the Head of School. I know it was for me!

But before I get totally sidetracked, parents we will send out the information on how to obtain copies of your children's photos in the coming days. So please stay tuned.

Update from SamuiPics dated 30th March 2018:

Dear parents,

2017-2018 school photos can be viewed on

An exhibition of the photos will take place in canteen and senior area from Monday 2nd April.

Online order form is available on the website

I will be at school to help with your orders and to show you the photos on my computer :

Monday 2nd April from 8AM to 9AM & 2.45PM to 5PM

Wednesday 4th April from 8AM to 9AM & 11AM to 12PM

Thursday 5th April from 8AM to 9AM & 2.45PM to 4PM

Monday 23rd April from 8AM to 9AM & 2.45PM to 4PM

Tuesday 24th April from 8AM to 9AM & 2.45PM to 4PM

Wednesday 25th April from 8AM to 9AM & 2.45PM to 4PM

Thursday 26th April from 8AM to 9AM & 2.45PM to 4PM

Friday 27th April from 8AM to 9AM & 2.45PM to 3.30PM

Orders done before Monday 2nd April (5PM) will be delivered on Friday 6th April 12.30PM.

Orders done before Friday 5th April will be delivered on Monday 23rd April.

Orders done before Friday 27th April will be delivered on Friday 4th May 12.30PM


Anne Sophie

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