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Bake Sale! A Primary School Council project

We are very proud of the ISS Primary School Council led by Isabel and Sean in year 6 who took on the bake sale challenge last week. This year, one of the projects of the council is to help with fundraising for the school sports teams’ new kits and competition trips.

They discussed lots of fundraising ideas and chose to hold a bake sale.

Isabel and Sean led the whole activity from coordinating the recipes, promoting the event, the purchase of the ingredients and the actual bake sale. They held regular morning meetings with the younger student council members (year 1 to year 5) and assigned everyone a task for the bake sale day.

On the day the students came together and baked non-stop for 2.5 hours under the leadership of Sean and Isabel with the support of Pi Pop and Mrs Lees. They made cookies, coated marshmallow sticks, and cupcakes.

It was truly inspiring to watch these very young minds already developing to be responsible leaders. They exercised great teamwork and every single one of them contributed their ideas and worked very hard towards the end of the project. This activity is testament that their future is bright.

Bake sale event was truly a success!

For this project, their efforts were rewarded by raising an amazing 4,730 baht for the ISS sports teams.

Thank you to everyone who supported this event and our Primary Student Council who have learnt some invaluable skills from this experience.

We must also congratulate Ruby in year 3 for taking on the challenge of making the till from scratch, quite a piece of art!!!

Finally, we have good reason to believe that other pupils at ISS enjoyed the desserts at the end of a busy school day. Conor's photo (Early Years student) of satisfaction says it all!

Left: Ruby and her 100% handmade till. Right: Conor, one happy customer!


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