EY: Stay and Play with mums & dads

On 11th September 2018, Early Years parents were invited to join the whole class for our “Good Morning Song” and registration. It was lovely to watch students and parents learning together in school that morning.

Everyone had the opportunity to participate in various activities including planting seeds and flowers, sensory play, crafts and free play. We also learnt how plants grow and what they need in order to survive.

Stay and Play is an annual tradition in the Early Years department at ISS giving parents a first hand experience of the social and intellectual learning goals of the EYFS curriculum. The students' planting project this year was centred around flowers, a colourful and fun activity for all. Bespoke planters were designed to fill an empty space in the playground so that the children are encouraged to look after their plants.

The children will take it in turns to care for the garden every week. The children also planted some vegetable seeds and, we hope, the fruits of their labour will soon be enjoyed by all. Children gain a wonderful sense of achievement from such practical activities and are always happy to share these routines with their mums and dads.

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