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ISS Senior School Speech Day 2018

This was the final curtain for another academic year in the senior school of the International School of Samui. During their awarding day, all the hard work our senior students put into their studies for all three terms come to fruition.

This year's ceremony was extra special as we heard words of wisdom not only from one but two Heads of British schools: from our very own Headmaster Jeremy Lees and from a guest speaker, whom to some leaving students will be their new Headmaster, Dr Dan Moore from Bromsgrove International School Bangkok.

In his welcome speech, Mr Lees emphasised that this event is about our senior students. It was about their achievements over the course of the year, which to them may not be obvious on the surface. But tiny drips of achievement and improvement every day amount to a huge difference at the end of the year. He expressed great satisfaction in our students' progress across the board, not just in academic but in our music, drama and swimming programmes to name a few.

"Failure is simply success in progress" - Albert Einstein

Dr Dan Moore followed through with important insights about dreams versus wishes, importance of failure and how it affects our life and success. He also shared an inspirational video that reminded our senior students the importance of valuing their own timeline and not being pressured by the success or failures of others. Dr Moore concluded with some pieces of advice he would give the students in Bromsgrove. Here are some of them:

"Money does not bring you happiness but it certainly makes being miserable a lot more comfortable."

"You can't please everybody in life, so please please do not bother wasting your time."

"In life, you will not get always what you want."

"Regret hurts far more than fear. Don't spend the rest of your lives thinking why you did not do something that you can do right now."

"When everything seems like a complete disaster, it is probably not."

The ceremony continued on with band performances and music recitals from our senior students. This was led by no other than our Music Director Dan Gubbins. It was a bit emotional for our maestro having to say farewell to our graduating students whom he has mentored for years. We have seen some incredible achievements this academic year, especially by Isabella who is on her way to passing the highest level from the ARSM (Associate of the Royal Schools of Music). You can read more about it in this article.

You can watch the students' performances via our Facebook live feed starting at 31:07 minutes.

Lastly, it's time to recognise the students who flourished this academic year. Congratulations to our students of the year, highest achievers and most improved :


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