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New Format for School News!

At ISS, we are proud to offer parents many different news channels including the website blog, active social media platforms as well as the current e-news. The e-news we send out is a summary of everything that take place at school within a half-term. We feel that the e-news is slightly outdated and would like instead to focus on the other channels of communication.

Over the next few months, we will be developing our Blog News platform and increasing our coverage across our social media accounts. Especially, focusing on Instagram and YouTube which appeal to a wider audience.

The News Blog can be accessed by going to the school website: and clicking on individual stories at the bottom of the homepage. The News Blog tab also saves old stories if you want to look back at old news. Our multi-functional, interactive website will allow headlines to be read much more simply and on any device.

We encourage parents to utilize these mediums of communication as it is a positive way for you and extended family members to view what is happening within our school. The “Blogging” system allows the school to visually broadcast the active life your children experience at ISS and promote students achievements across the years.

We hope you like it?


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