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Senior School Parents Evening

Parents of our Senior School students (Years 7 to 10) met with teachers earlier this week to ensure that all parties are on the same page in terms of our students' education.

As we are always working to improve our system and processes, we have recently developed a more time-efficient structure for our Senior Parents Evening. To reduce the amount of waiting time, the Senior School department prepared a more targeted booking system where parents can register which Teachers they wish to meet with. They can also choose their preferred meeting time.

After all booking sheets were filled out, the schedules were rolled out and parents were allowed a specific time frame to discuss their children's educational status in the sports hall.

Senior School parents are given a chance to meet with teachers at least 2 to 3 times in an academic year in reference to the school reports from the teachers. Through this, parents are constantly aware of the various areas of support their children needs.

This term's Senior Parents Evening was a success, and hopefully a more productive way to serve parents better. As always, if any parent wishes to meet with the teachers outside the scheduled parents evenings, they can always request for an appointment and we are happy to accommodate them.


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