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Senior Students' Basketball 3x3 season off to a great start!

Over the weekend three of our Senior Students travelled over to Suratthani, on the mainland, to hone their growing basketball skills.

Milan, Seungbae and Samual (year 10) represented ISS at the Prince of Songkla University's 3x3 Basketball competition. Mr Cosslett kept us in the loop by uploading photos and updates on our Facebook page:

"They are off to a very strong start winning their first match 10 - 7!

Good luck boys, we are proud of you"

"UPDATE - our boys had two more games today. Their second match was a narrow 10-8 loss.

"Their final match was a must win in order for them to progress into the top 16 matches tomorrow... At full time the score was 5-5 which sent then into extra time. Under immense pressure Seungbae sank a free throw and Samual scored a clutch 3 pointer to finish off their opposition.

"Our boys are now through to the final 16 round tomorrow and we will keep you updated. Well done boys!"

"Another victory (11-5) for our boys this morning sees them move through to the quarter finals. The Prince of Songkla University tournament started with 29 teams so to get through to the final 8 is an already impressive feat. Good luck with your matches this afternoon boys, you deserve all of the success that comes your way!"


With disappointment but pride nevertheless, the Trio was not able to progress to the quarter finals, but as Mr Cosslett commented:

"We are still incredibly impressed and proud of their efforts

in what was a very skilled and high level competition."

For this group of MVPs the next sporting challenge will be in March 2019 when they, along with other aspiring ISS basketball enthusiasts, will join a competition in Phuket. This will be hosted by BISP on Friday 15th and Saturday 16th March 2019.

Mr Cosslett has already drafted players and teams to represent our school. The students are avidly practicing during team sports sessions and break times to perform at their best and improve on last year’s results. We wish them luck!


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