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Years 4 & 5 showed great hospitality to our visitors from Phuket

We, at the International School of Samui, are very proud of our Year 4 and Year 5 students for successfully hosting the international school in Phuket, Headstart International School on 7th & 8th March 2019. This is a first event for ISS, but we hope, the beginning of stronger partnerships with other like-minded international schools within the region.

On Thursday, a group of years 4 and & 5 pupils from Headstart International School arrived full of excitment on our campus. A range of team-building activities were put together under the due care of Mr A. and students from both schools were urged to participate. Activities included "Gladiator-Ball", football, swimming and basketball. The trio of teachers, Mr A., Mr Roberts & Miss Hinds organised an active and social program to keep all the students busy throughout their stay on the island.

Let the games begin!

Upon arrival the two schools wasted no time and headed straight to the ISS sports hall to begin the fun! Around 60 children were teamed-up in mixed-school groups with 8 teams in total: Red, Green, Blue, Pink, Yellow, Burgundy, Purple and White.

To let off steam after a long journey, the first activity was a high energy game called 'Gladiator Ball', put together by Mr Nick Carter from Headstart. The eight groups were then re-grouped into three: the Runners, the Throwers, and the Pickers.

The runners were challenged to run around the sports hall without getting hit by dozens of balls -- sent by the throwers -- flying towards them.

Just look at our Instagram post during these moments and watch the children turn into gladiators!

The evening continued with a line-up of swimming challenges coordinated by Mr Withers, ISS swimming coach.

These included races and the ISS-favourite: Dressing-up relay race! A team event where Mr Withers challenged the students to put on a PE kit twice their size, swim 25 metres and handover to their team-mate. What a great and fun challenge!

The evening ended with a pizza party and playtime where students had a chance to get to know their newly-found friends and share their school life.

Day 2 was even more fun!

Early morning, the two schools met at Big Buddha where ISS students showed their visitors this huge and sacred statue that makes Koh Samui unique in the Kingdom of Thailand. What makes it special is "the Dharma wheel and a replica of the Royal Barge Suphannahong behind the gilded figure in the Bhumisparsha mudra pose". This statue has been here for almost half a century greeting and welcoming tourists flying into this quaint and unique airport.

The children headed to Choengmon beach for some well-deserved fun. They played frisbee, swam, built sand structures with an ice lolly for a treat! The beach ice-cream vendor was extremely glad to be on duty that morning!!!

Tourists were amazed to come across a large group of international school children on a school trip!! All the students showed such impeccable behaviour and manners making their teachers and teaching assistants proud.

After this, a fleet of 6 minibuses headed back to the school for a quick school lunch to recharge before some gruelling football matches that took place at the Samui United Academy 7-a-side pitches. It was hot but the atmosphere was relaxed with mixed-school teams just enjoying the challenge!

"My shoes are melting!"

It was an extremely scorching afternoon, but with their sunblocks on, they tackled their opponents to the best of their abilities! One funny and memorable remark from a student, "My shoes are melting!"

The football matches were arranged by Mr Andrewartha in a way that each group played 3 games of 10 minutes each, and two matches ran simultaneously on two pitches. Doing this ensured that the children were not over-exposed to the intense heat of the sun.

With boundless energy remaining the games continued!! Back on school grounds the groups tackled various basketball games from 4pm until their energy finally ran out...

After a long day of activities the students enjoyed a nice, healthy buffet from the school refectory. There was much chatting and getting to know each other!. Many students enjoyed the opportunity of building new friendships.

The grand finale was a pyjama party in the cozy school theatre where they watched the movie, Coco, before heading home. Over the weekend the children were all pretty exhausted and enjoyed a long rest.

It was a truly triumphant event made possible by supportive teachers and Headmasters of both schools.

A great well done and thank you to Mr Andrewartha, Mr Roberts, Miss Hinds, Mr Withers, Pii Chompoo, Pii Aor and Pii Apple for working extra hours to prepare for this event and for bringing smiles and happy faces to our students. We would also like to thank the teaching staff from Headstart: Mr Nick Carter (Director of Sport), Nadine Brelstaff (PE teacher) for coordinating this successful partnership.


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