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Founder & Headmaster's Welcome

May I offer you a very warm welcome to the International School of Samui, more commonly known as ISS.  It is a real pleasure to be able to show you around our school on this website.


I founded the school in 2007 with the dream to build a school that mirrored my own personal educational philosophy, shaped from my own academic career, international upbringing and life experiences.  I was educated as a boarder at Rossall School, and then attended the University of St Andrews, graduating with an honours degree in Laser Physic & Optoelectronics.  I then went on to serve as a combat helicopter pilot in the British Army before retraining as a teacher.


I believe that academic success naturally follows those children who are truly motivated and engaged, and who have a strong sense of right and wrong, whilst having a clear sense of purpose during their learning journey.  I believe it is crucial that as a school we allow our students to explore and experience a wide range of both academic and extracurricular activities to maximise their personal development, encourage positive habits, learn from role models, discover what motivates them and have the opportunity to excel and be recognised for their own personal achievements. 

Please do contact our wonderful Admissions team to find out more about ISS and what it can offer for you, and in due course I do very much hope to be able to welcome you and your children to our wonderful school here on this beautiful tropical Island.


Mr Jeremy Lees BSc (St And) GTP QTS

Founder & Headmaster



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