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Mission Statement

Our Vision:         To be the premium international school of choice on Koh Samui.


Our Mission:      To provide our students with a premium level of academic, co-curricular and pastoral provision, supported by an ethos that promotes and rewards integrity, hard work, and positive habits in order to give every student the opportunity to be ‘the best they can be’.


How we do this:


  • We provide a broad curriculum, delivered by high-quality staff, that allows all students to progress to the best of their abilities.

  • We provide a safe, vibrant, and friendly environment in which students can flourish and fulfil their potential.

  • We inspire young people to develop a lifelong love of learning and foster curiosity, within a pastorally nurturing, culturally exciting and intellectually creative community.

  • We develop compassionate and caring young people through our educational offering that provides a ‘supportive context’ within which young people may acquire the emotional knowledge and interpersonal skills necessary to live happy and purposeful lives.

  • We identify and provide adequate professional support for those students facing challenges both academically and pastorally.

  • We give opportunities for students to find self-worth and enjoy their student life through a wide range of curricular, enrichment and social activities.

  • We provide high quality learning resources and facilities. 


Stephen Andrews BA PGMA

Chief Executive Officer

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