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Primary School

4 - 11 Years Old

Our Primary School caters for the needs of all learners aged 4-11 years old across the Year groups Reception - Year 6. We follow the British National Curriculum supported by the Cambridge Primary programme which is adapted to suit the needs of our international setting and multicultural student body.  We are driven by a desire to create a learning environment that allows our pupils to develop as strong, independent thinkers.


We treat each other as individuals and work hard to ensure that every pupil who comes through our doors has the opportunity to excel and to realise their potential. Relying upon inquiry-based methods, the school seeks to develop life-long learners who demonstrate critical thinking and problem-solving skills. The Primary School teachers at ISS aim to develop global citizens who are understanding, compassionate, articulate and enthusiastic.

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There are few decisions that you, as parents, will make that will have a greater impact on your children's future than choosing their school. By entrusting us with the education of your child you can be sure that you are giving them the best possible start in life.  ​Please access our Curriculum Website to find out more detailed information regarding our wonderful Primary School curriculum.  

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