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Early Years

In the Early years we accept children from the age of 3 onwards. All of our Early Years teachers are committed to providing the best possible care and education for all children at ISS. We believe that if we can show children from an early age how enjoyable and interesting learning is, then they will progress to enjoy school and education for the rest of their lives.


 Our main concern is to ensure that children discover school as an enjoyable and fun experience. There is a strong focus on 'learn by play' to develop fine and gross motor skills, an understanding of the English language, and socialisation with other children, through activities which both entertain and stimulate them. In the Early Years class they become familiar with colours and counting, and are able to understand and start to communicate in the English Language, which develops at a rapid rate.  They become familiar with counting and are taught basic shapes. They are encouraged to be curious about the world around them, and are provided with a vast range of activities to enjoy whilst learning.


Our Early Years children are involved in all the 7 areas of learning. They  cover letter sounds, and  discover that when these sounds are put together they can form basic words.  They start learning letter formation and start to recognise and write numbers. They learn grouping and counting out by taking part in fun activities. 


Children leave the Early Years and enter the Primary school in the Reception class in August when they have reached 4 years old.  

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