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A Traditional British School,

with a Great British Heritage.

Fondly known as ISS, our school is British at its heart and achieves outstanding academic results across all ages.  Our school was founded in 2007 and is located on a beautiful tropical Island with fresh air, space and tranquility; it is an idyllic location to live, work and bring up children.  

We employ  English speaking, bachelor degree or above, fully qualified subject specialist teachers, and by choice we operate small class sizes, with spacious classrooms and high quality facilities, providing a school environment highly conducive to learning.

We were founded and built by a British family, we are independently owned by a British family, and we have extensive links and historical connections with schools and universities in the UK.

Our outstanding academic program, high level of pastoral care, and rich program of extra curricular activities enable our students to experience the very best in what a traditional British school can, and should, offer.

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In the last 5 years our students have consistently achieved grades that are higher than the UK average.

Over 50% of our students' grades were A* and A in the most recent IGCSE & A Level examinations series.