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40 New & Returning Students at ISS this year!

This term we are delighted to welcome 40 new students to the International School of Samui! Our new students have been welcomed with open arms by their peers and settling in well into the new routines of school life at ISS.

Every passing year sees our ISS community getting stronger and stronger constantly striving for success.

We are also happy to welcome back two families: The Yatskevich and Parra families!

Beautiful faces of new students at the International School of Samui

We watch with enthusiasm their progression through the school, their involvement in sports' teams and drama rehearsals, their academic challenges and all the vitality they bring to our school community.

From the 17th until the 28th of September, ISS primary teachers hosted the Parent Information Workshops, an annual activity for our parents' to acquire tools on how to support their children's learning at home and understand the structure of the curriculum. A relaxed and structured event giving parents, old and new, the opportunity to meet one another! For more information on the workshops you may e-mail, the school secretary at for feedback on these events.

Listed below our new students in 2018/2019. Welcome!

  • Early Years - Ladybirds

  • ​Jackson, Sira, Saran, Jasmin, Alina

  • Early Years - Busy Bees

  • Cherbell, Sergei, Shi, Kai

  • Reception

  • ​Jay, Mia, Finn

  • ​Year 1

  • Ossian, Young, Ivan, Hugo, Vladimir, Vlada

  • Year 2

  • ​Zoe, Eliya, Henley, Daisy

  • Year 3

  • Ryan, Yunho, Jinni

  • Year 4

  • Sean, Caelyn

  • Year 5

  • Anastasia, Jacob

  • Year 7

  • Pear, Namkhao, Ing, Gun, Ladfah

  • Year 8

  • Jay, Mischa, Pia

  • Year 9

  • Jeevan

  • Year 10

  • Albert, Guilherme


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