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Bike Shop & Electric Bike shop in Bophut Move to Namueng

Now the Bike Shop & Electric Bike shop is in a great location for daily riding trips, especially for families & tourists, as the roads are much safer there. There are beaches, Temples, coconut farms, rubber farms & fresh jungle all within a short ride from the Namueng location. Also, the area is very flat & can be considered "easy" riding.

We have all the normal bikes & electric bikes available. We also sell & maintain cheap & super expensive there. You are free to visit our Website if you are interested.

You can have a look at the routes:

Via our Website directly

Or with Strava directly

To enhance the overall experience, we are working on a "Solar Powered Electric Tuk Tuk" as a backup vehicle, so if you get a flat tyre or another problem, we can assist easily.

It's a new initiative born out of the COVid-19 Pandemic. We think it will become stronger & better for Samui in the long-run ! Onward & Upward !

For More Info:

E-Revolution Co Ltd



phone : +61 (0)406562207


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