Early Years Siblings Afternoon

One of our role play areas is called the ‘Baby Area’, where children role play caring for babies, such as bathing and feeding them. As the children showed so much enjoyment in that particular area this year, Miss Whitehouse decided to focus on baby development for two weeks, with stories and discussions on how babies develop and what they need to grow.

To extend this further we invited parents to bring in any of the Early Years children’s younger siblings in to school for a session to see 'real' babies playing and have an opportunity to play with them. This is a good opportunity for those who have younger siblings to show them off to their friends, and for those who do not, to experience what life is like with a baby brother or sister.

Caring for others is central to our ethos all the way through the school at ISS, and there is no better place to start than right at the beginning of our students’ school journey.

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