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Easter Celebrations 2018

Easter celebrations are part of our annual tradition at the International School of Samui, especially for the Primary School students. A significant part of the British culture and history is rooted in Christianity, where Easter celebrations came from. Hence, it is our role to pass on this tradition to the younger generation and impart knowledge on this occasion.

On their last day of school for the second term, Isabel from Year 6 briefed our young learners about Easter during their Primary School Assembly. It's not just about egg-hunting, egg-decorating and bunny rabbits. These are symbols of new life. Read about their final Primary School Assembly for Term 2 here

One of the best ways to get a child interested in learning is by engaging them in activities that nurture their curiosity. Prior to explaining what Easter is about, we dedicated a whole day of egg decorating, egg hunting and interacting with the Easter bunny. This year, Easter Sunday (also known as the Resurrection Day, which refers to Jesus Christ's resurrection from the cross) fell on the 1st of April. At the International School of Samui, we had post-Easter celebrations on the 3rd of April.

It was a really fun day (not to mention the heat outside as April is one of the hottest months in Thailand). We also received help from more than a dozen parents who spent their morning with us assisting in the Easter Egg hunt and Easter Bunny visit.

The International School of Samui is a non-religious, non-denominational and inter-faith school. We welcome families with Christian, Buddhist, Jewish, Muslim and other backgrounds. This means we also teach our students to embrace various religious ceremonies and beliefs. It's a small step but is key to uniting a precariously fragile world.

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