Engaging classroom activities in Primary and Senior School!

This half term, our students have been busy with both curricular and co-curricular activities. Here is a snapshot of some interesting and engaging hands-on learning the students’ took great pride in learning about, across the subjects.

SCIENCE: Year 9 experimenting on Acid indicators

Our Year 9 students had a very colourful morning studying about "Acids". They used four different indicators stocked in our science lab: phenolphthalein, methyl orange, red litmus and blue litmus. They observed the results as these different indicators changed colour when mixed with acid, alkali or a neutral liquid. This practical learning will prepare them for the different modules they will need to cover during their IGCSE years.

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ART: Year 7 studying lines, buildings and perspective

Year 7 students stepped out of the classroom to look at different lines from different perspective around the school. They were asked to measure them with the medium of Graphite pencils with the task to sketch what they observed. It was interesting to watch the children find their own space and own perspective and express what they could visualize during this practical art lesson.

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THAI: Year 9 reports on Important people on Koh Samui

Year 9 students have prepared a detailed report of the important people on Koh Samui from the past to the present. Within the objective set by Dr Khemjira, the students’ were invited to watch and learn from each other’s their presentations.

They talked about the founder of the first ferry on the island, the Governor of Koh Samui as well as the the highly respected Monks. This was a very important cultural aspect of Thai lessons resulting in meaningful discussions for all who took part!

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MATHS: Year 5 are enjoying their challenges in Maths

Year 5 students have been consolidating their understanding of the four main processes of Maths this term (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division). They have finished by creating a board game which includes a variety of questions involving everything they have covered. Now is the time to enjoy playing their game whilst challenging their new Maths skills! Mr Roberts, year 5 teacher is enjoying his challenge as primary school maths coordinator, he is passionate with numbers and he has been creating many different curriculum and after school activities to keep these budding

mathematicians engaged in their numeracy skills.

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SCIENCE: Year 2 meets Leo Le Gavelle, professional Diver and Dad!

Following their trip to the beach to search for living things and their habitat, year 2 class were delighted to welcome Cassius’s father, Leo, who operates a thriving diving business called "The Life Aquatic Centre" (Facebook: @thelifeaquaticsamui) on Koh Samui.

He prepared a beautiful presentation of “Life under the sea” talking about some of his favourite creatures; living things that help each other, predators and corals. He also showed live footage of his visits deep into the Ocean.

Some of the fish the children asked about included: parrot fish, trigger fish, crown of thornes, moray eel, stingray, clown fish, cleaner shrimp, remora, green turtle, whale shark, barracuda and so much more. The students were fascinated to learn about these amazing creatures and their unique characteristics.

More importantly, Leo, talked about the corals and how to protect them from environmental damage. It was such an engaging visit and we would like to personally thank Leo for sharing his amazing knowledge and passion with our students.

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And finally......

LITERACY: Year 6 talks about "How to Write Creation Stories"

Watch their Youtube video: