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Ghostly Goings On at Ang Thong Marine Park

This year’s Year 6 camping trip to the Ang Thong Marine Park was an eventful one by all accounts, with students determined not to let the rain dampen their spirits, or let Mr Mitcham give them nightmares dressed up as a ghost!

Very close contact with the local monkeys was one of the highlights, and there were some exceptional beach football performances, especially from Mrs Kriya who managed to nutmeg Mr Mitcham twice!

Peter Karas was a constant source of entertainment for the two days with his dancing, beatboxing and refusal to take off his sunglasses whatever the weather, whatever time of day.

After an evening of scary stories and poltergeist impressions, rain was forecast at night so everyone slept inside the visitors centre, accompanied by several thousand mosquitos and an entire whale skeleton. Only the military-hardened Mr Lees determinedly stayed in his tent and woke up very wet!


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