Heroes at Bangkok Hospital

Updated: Apr 2, 2019

This term our Reception children have been learning about fiction and non-fiction super heroes. To put everything into context and see real life examples of non-fiction super heroes, they were lucky enough to have a brilliant tour of Bangkok hospital. They met with dentists, doctors and nurses.

The trip began with a visit to the dental unit where friendly staff greeted us. Children were shown dental instruments such as a mouth mirror, sickle probe and suction devices used to provide treatments. Levy was brave enough to sit in the dentist’s chair, whilst the rest of the class counted how many teeth he had!

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The children were then shown other important hospital wards, including a look at the hospital’s radiology units, X-rays, CAT scans and ultrasound facilities.

A few Reception students were chosen in each department to test out the sophisticated medical equipment. They were told how we use X-rays to look at bones and CAT scans to quickly identify injuries to the lungs, heart and kidneys. A few of the children volunteered to try out the CAT machine and afterwards the children gathered round a computer monitor to analyze on-screen scanning imagery. They were able to detect liver and other internal organs!

Finally they visited the physiotherapy unit which proved a highlight for many! They had lots of fun trying out foot, wrist and neck splints, practising how to walk using these devices.

The reception class were very enthusiastic asking lots of questions about the A&E department where the medical staff showed them how to get a stretcher in and out of an

ambulance. During break time, the staff at Bangkok hospital gave a presentation on the importance of always brushing your teeth and washing your hands.

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We were all very impressed with the informative tour provided by the hospital as it was a great learning experience for all. We would like to thank all the staff at the hospital for their patience and hospitality.

A special visit…

Following on from our informative trip to the hospital, on 1st April, Reception children welcomed a very special “hero” to their classroom. Ex-military veteran, Stephen, gave a talk about soldiers and how they help people. Stephen discussed humanitarian missions around the World. He encouraged the students to ask all sorts of questions so they could learn more about work undertaken by the Armed Forces throughout the Globe.

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After his presentation Stephen showed the children a scientific experiment to teach them how to treat unsafe water with natural elements. Finally, Reception students took part in some fun activities around the army topic: marching, camouflage face painting. Assault courses and fitness circuits are a big part of keeping fit in military life and the children had a go at some of these activities in the sports hall which included crawling, running, jumping and hiding.

They really loved learning more about this real life superhero and his work!

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