ISS Blended Classrooms

ISS endeavours to provide a robust, long term schooling solution that offers all students a high level of flexibility without causing any disruption to their education. We can do this by combining our traditional classrooms with digital solutions into Blended Classrooms.

We have invested heavily in redesigning our school to ensure that students at home feel like they are a part of the class, and can be seen and heard by their classmates, while remaining part of a fully interactive learning environment.

Lesson assignments, resources and assessments are published digitally, on a daily basis, and are centrally controlled by our Blended Learning Control Centre which monitors the online element of every lesson taught.

Blended Classes offer many benefits: Peace of Mind for those who stay at home to learn, in minimising any impact on their education. Routine, as students always have a full school day and timetable to follow. Friendships, as students are always able to keep connected to friends and classmates, and Safety and Support as all lessons are stringently monitored and supported in real time by our Blended Learning Control Centre.