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ISS Celebrates Loy Krathong

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

Parents and staff joined with ISS students from across the school in a spectacular celebration of Loy Krathong with a variety of songs and dances, both old and new, and the wearing of traditional Thai costumes.

Throughout the school, the day is filled with activities to celebrate the event, such as the folding of Pandan leaves into flowers, Puang Mahot lantern making and the traditional racing of home-made boats.

Loy Krathong would not be complete without the opportunity to make Krathongs to take home and float in celebration of the River Goddess and the washing away of the past.

Special thanks to our Thai Department: Kroo Fhon and Kroo Mai under the supervision of Dr Khulkham for organising a spectactular and enjoyable day.

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