ISS Family is Growing!

It's been a fruitful year at the International School of Samui as we welcome new students, parents and teachers into our community. There is unique joy and fulfilment being part of an organisation where people from different parts of the world come together in harmony sharing cultures, stories of laughter and learning.

As a family-run and of course family-oriented school, it is our delight to see individual families grow. 2017 has witnessed the birth of three beautiful and healthy babies from our staff, with one more on the way.

24th June 2017. Earlier this year our Teaching Assistant, Pee Nok, gave birth to a lovely baby boy. His name is Joon, and sure is the delight of his parents. He has an older sister who was born on the exact same date over a decade ago.

Pee Nok is one of our longest-serving and hard-working Teaching Assistants who is assigned in the Early Years Department.

2nd November 2017. Khun Apple from our Accounting Department had her first child, a very beautiful baby girl

with an equally beautiful name "Je t'aime". Our Accounting and Admissions staff visited the family and had the opportunity for a first ISS official photo with mummy Apple and baby Je t'aime.

Apple will be back to join us in our Accounting office in February. In the interim, we have two new Accounting staff, "Khun Fern" who is filling in for Apple and "Khun Ae" who will be with us longer as she is on a permanent contract.

19th November 2017. We are also congratulating our long-term Senior teachers Miss Emma Mooney and Mr Sam Cosslett who are now starting their own family. Last month, they welcomed their precious daughter, Ivy in to the World. The 19th of November seems to be a popular day with a few of our ISS community members also having the same birthday!

And while Miss Mooney spends the most important first year with baby Ivy as a full time Mum, we are very happy to welcome Mr Matt Armitage. Mr Armitage is from Sheffield -- said to be the happiest city in the UK. He finished his degree in Natural Science: Physics and Earth Sciences at Durham University. After which, he completed his PGDE in Science with Physics at Sheffield University.