ISS Fire Safety Drill

On our first day back from term break, the entire school participated in an annual fire drill which was carried out successfully. The staff and all the students from Early Years, Primary and Senior schools managed to evacuate the school within our target time. Once everyone was outside, the teachers did a roll call of their students to ensure that no one was left behind.

Fire incidents are one of the major unfortunate and unpredictable events which can happen anywhere in the world. Here at ISS we are always cautious about the safety of all our infrastructures, but we also ensure that all our students know exactly what to do in case of emergency. Awareness of such situations and preparedness is an important part of education, which they can use in any other situation outside the school.

The key areas we focused on are:

1) Testing our fire alarm system and confirming that it is heard from all corners of the school;

2) Ensuring that everyone is aware of the exit routes;

3) Being able to evacuate everyone in the shortest possible time period;

4) Ensuring that everyone is accounted for; and

5) Evaluating how effective our fire escape procedures are and what are the areas of improvement.

The results of the drill were positive and it concluded with a briefing from Mrs Andrewartha.

We thank everyone for their cooperation on this activity and you can expect that there will be more key drills like this in the future.

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