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ISS-OIS-SCL Swimming gala

Swimming gala at ISS on 2nd March 2018

On 2nd March 2018, three international schools in Koh Samui, Thailand took part in a swimming competition at the International School of Samui. This was a wonderful activity to round up the week, especially as we're entering the very hot Thai summer season.

Our school swim team (also known as the Sharks) have been working non-stop this term. Under the guidance and direction of their coach Mr Withers, they participated in three almost consecutive swimming competitions. The first one was during our half term break, when they traveled all the way to Phuket for the International Swim Meet hosted by Rocket Science. Many of our students went home with great pride and achievement. Read it here.

This home competition was the second of the three events, and almost a couple dozen swimmers carried our school flag in this competition against our peers, Oonrak Koh Samui School and SCL International School. These are their names (sharks and their non-shark friends included):

Year 1 - Tabby and Bella

Year 2 - Grisha and Mark

Year 3 - Nora, Lera, Sophia, Tao and Theo

Year 4 - Egor, Mek, Petr, Leonardo and Lily

Year 5 - Lou and Saphy

Year 6 - Platon and Sean

Year 8 - Victoria and Tom

Year 9 - June

Year 10 - Kya and Diego

The competition started after lunch and the energy was just as high as the temperature. Over 50 students from all three international schools raced through our 25m pool and the audience (parents, teachers and friends) cheered for them with excitement. This was quickly followed with the awarding ceremony in the basketball court.

As of this writing, the Sharks are on their way to Phuket for the third meet at Thanyapura Open Swim League. It's been a hectic three-week period for the Sharks, but there is nothing that's stopping them from doing what they are passionate about and aiming to excel in the water.

We will post here the official list of winners from our swimming gala as soon as it's available, so please watch this space!

Update as of 15th March 2018

Here is a detailed list of events, participants and winners. Congratulations to all those who made it to the podium! Lastly, below is a video prepared by Mr Roberts to remind us of this great competitive event.

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