ISS Parent Workshops 2019

This week, Primary School parents were invited to attend informative workshops designed to give them more insight into the school curriculum, and show them how children are taught at school.

We recognise that learning does not start and stop at the school gate, and these workshops are intended to include parents in the learning process and offer them ideas and strategies to support children at home.

The school hosts at least one information workshop annually, usually at the beginning of the school year, to involve parents in classroom activities and discussions. The workshops take the form of a short presentation and interactive lesson led by the class teacher, in which parents can observe and take part in typical classroom activities.

Parent workshops are an opportunity for teachers to introduce themselves, share their teaching experiences, as well as impart their best practice.

We are proud of our teaching staff who not only come to ISS with a wealth of experience but also invaluable training and accreditation through the highly regarded UK education system.

Early Years considered how play is fundamental to learning and addressed independence and common problems such as separation anxiety.

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Year 2 focused on parent questioning to improve comprehension skills in reading, providing incentives for children to write and talk about their writing, and the use of counters and images in Maths.

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Year 3 centred on the ISS creative curriculum, explaining the difference between a procedural and conceptual understanding of the topics covered, and the curricular links between each them.

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Year 4 had critical thinking as its focus, with ideas for parents in encouraging children how to evaluate information at home, and set targets.

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Year 5 concentrated on building well-rounded students - academically, emotionally and physically, and celebrating individuality and bringing mindfulness into everyday practice.

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Year 6 offered advice on supporting reading at home and help in choosing what to read, and the concept of building up Maths problems from “Nice and Spicy to “Burning Up”.

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