Loy Krathong 2017

Loy Krathong remains one of the most important Thai holidays we celebrate at ISS. This year, our Thai Department, headed by Kroo Jae, gave us all a wonderful display of exactly what Loy Krathong is all about.

The programme included students' performances from Early Years, Primary and Senior departments; Loy Krathongs in the Padding pool floated by Headmaster Jeremy Lees, Thai director Khun Wannee; Primary head boy, head girl, the Senior house captains and their families.

The first performance was carried out by our most adorable Early Years students dancing to the song “รักข้ามคลอง” (Rak Khaam Klong). It was followed by two performances from select Primary students called “ลาวกระทบไม้" (Lao Krathop Mai) and “Seung Kra tip ”. These Thai dances, which both reflect the sufficiency of traditional north-eastern life and the people's happiness in daily life.

We were treated to more performances, this time by our Senior students. The first dance was called "รำวงวันลอยกระทง" (Rum Wong Wan Loy Krathong). Lastly, we saw a modern Thai Dance but also tells a story about Thai culture. It was a great performance indeed entitled Sao Kha Loa.

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The programme was concluded by showcasing different Thai costumes from Rattanakosin, Sukhothai and Ayuthaya periods. Our models were all mesmerising in their Thai cultural outfits and it was very nice to watch them do their catwalks. Despite the weather condition forcing us to modify the Loy Krathong program, it turned out to be a huge success. As Mr Lees put it, this is exactly what Loy Krathong is about. It's not just about having a perfect programme, but being able to adapt to nature and still be able to live and enjoy activities with grace.