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Parent focus meeting with education consultant

Our assigned education consultant, Mr Mike Hewlett, who visits ISS every year to help with ideas for improvements to the school, joined us at school on Tuesday 7th and Wednesday 8th November to meet with a variety teachers and students. Mr Hewlett is a consultant with the Education Development Trust (EDT), an international organisation committed to improving education around the world. The EDT works with governments and directly with schools to make sure that teachers and school leaders are the best they can be and to make sure that children everywhere receive a high quality education.

Mr Hewlett's visit also provided a great opportunity to involve some parents in these meetings, as we always value feedback and ideas from parents. A group of ten parents from across Early Years, Primary and Senior were invited to share their experiences as an ISS parent with our education consultant in a parent focus meeting in the school library on Tuesday 7th November. Our thanks to those parents who were able to attend this meeting and for the extremely useful feedback that was given.

The final report from Mr Hewlett was a very positive one. ISS received particularly high praise on the academic achievement of students in both the Primary and Senior schools, the consistently good quality of teaching and learning across the school, and the thorough measures taken to ensure the care and well-being of all our students. We look forward to welcoming Mr Hewlett and his colleagues back to ISS in the near future.


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