Petr's chess skills put him in the top 10!

6th May 2018. Petr (Year 4) single-handedly carried the banner of the International School of Samui and represented our school and region in a chess championship in Bangkok.

This event was organised by one of the biggest international schools in the Thai capital, Bangkok Patana School (BPS), together with IWICA (Indo Western Institute of Cultural Arts), a company that is "bringing together the best of Eastern and Western Cultural Education and Arts under one roof". They have chess centres in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Pattaya and Narathiwat.

For their 6th annual event, the school opened their doors to international schools all over Thailand and Petr grabbed the opportunity to compete and sharpen his skills in chess.

The 6th BPS Chess Championship saw hundreds of participants from different schools all determined to rank high in the list of chess champions in Thailand. For an ordinary 9-year old boy, this can be a nerve-racking event. But Petr is no ordinary boy.

Petr is an extremely intelligent Year 4 student whose hobby is playing rubix cube; achieving higher piano grades (he just recently passed the Grade 2 level from Trinity College London); performing on stage (he just came back from Phuket with his colleagues from ISS performing "Alice" in front of 500 people); and playing chess probably since he learned how to walk.

Last year, Petr also travelled to Bangkok and took part in a chess competition in Harrow International School in Bangkok. He was part of the top 15% overall. This year, Petr landed in the 7th place in the U9 category competing against tough chess players, some even with FIDE (World Chess Federation) rating of 1,000++.

Congratulations Petr! It's great to see you go the distance at this very early stage in your life. And we are fortunate to be able to help you improve your talent and skills through the help of our outside providers, especially Stan who is a top-notch chess player. With him as your mentor, there are many more achievements, medals and trophies you can and will take home down the road.

Results from the 6th BPS CHESS CHAMPIONSHIP - U9 OPEN

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