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Photography Competition 2017

After the excitement following our Primary Art Competition last year, we will be running a variety of different art competitions this academic year, which will be open to different members of the school community. Our first competition this year is a school-wide photography competition, which is open to all students, parents and staff at ISS.

The theme of the competition is Travel.

There will be one winner and up to four runners-up in each category. The winning and runner-up photographs will be printed, framed and displayed around the school, as well as made into postcards to be sold at charity and sport teams’ fundraising events. Winners will also receive a large framed print of their photograph.

There are 3 different categories in the competition:

1. Children’s category - Open to any ISS child in Early Years and Primary (aged 11 years and under)

2. Senior category – Open to any ISS Senior School student

3. Adult’s category – Open to all ISS parents, grandparents and staff

The competition theme of Travel is open to interpretation. You could submit photographs showing a place you have travelled to, a type of travel, an unusual traveller, something travelling in an interesting way, or any other interpretation you can think of.


• All photographs submitted must have been taken by the entrant. You can only submit a photograph that you took yourself. (This includes photographs entered into the children’s category.)

• Maximum of 2 entries per person.

• All entries must be related to the theme of Travel.

• No photographs showing groups of family/friends posing as the main subject will be considered.

• Effects may be used to enhance photographs, including black and white/sepia colour effects.

• The best photographs will be of a good resolution quality, to allow for 12’ x 18’ or larger prints.

• All entries must be submitted by email to (Mr Goode – Primary Art Coordinator), along with the entrant’s full name, age (if entering Children’s or Senior category) or relationship to the school (if entering Adult category, e.g. parent of Christopher in Year 3) and what the photograph shows and where it was taken. e.g. Jack Smith, aged 8, photograph of man on a boat in Khao Sok (children’s or senior categories) Joan Gordon, grandparent of Jack Smith (Year 3 pupil), photograph of evening at Koh Phangan

• All entrants agree that their submitted photograph may be displayed around school, shown on the school website, printed as a postcard and sold for fundraising purposes.

• Photographs submitted after Saturday 23rd September will not be considered.

We hope to involve the whole school community in this photography competition and surely we’ll receive many entries. Please contact Mr Goode or Mrs Andrewartha if you have any further questions.

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