Primary Music Recital 2019

Last Thursday, the 31st May, we were treated to a wonderful afternoon filled with music, singing and fun. This is the time of the year when the students get to share the fruits of their hard work and honed talent from their lessons with the ISS Music teachers.

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The recital is a combination of instrumental and singing performances in the presence of students and also parents, to which we are particularly grateful for their support in making our music program come alive.

This year Tabitha from Year 2 shone with a powerful rendition of “Cheap Thrills”, and Lou, Seraphina and Peter from Year 6 impressed with their version of “Happier”.

For many, learning an instrument is simply about the enjoyment of music, for some it becomes a discipline, and a serious object of study, and for others it’s a way of life. We appreciate that there are all types of musician at ISS and try to cater for them all accordingly.

We have a great team to help you and your children explore the world of music and find their hidden talents. Big thanks to our Director of Music Mr Gubbins for his constant spirit and leadership.

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You can watch performances from the Primary Recital here: