Primary School Dance Show 2018

Wednesday was a very important day for our dancers at the International School of Samui! We had our own version of Britain's Got Talent, where 7 teams put the dance floor on fire.

The Primary Dance Show is always a wildly popular show. In fact, as opposed to last year, where we held it in the relatively smaller school cafe area, this year, the show was held in the basketball court. Yet even with all the extra space, the audience extended outside the fence.

Our Headmaster had one piece of advice, and we definitely took it: "Enjoy it as much as you can." Every single one in the audience enjoyed every moment of the show. If you want to watch a replay of the show, check out our Live Broadcast on Facebook:

Have you ever watched a dance show where every dance number was just light-hearted, well-rehearsed and equally entertaining? This one is it!

Each class performed to a very high standard and totally impressed our judges in different ways. There were 7 different criteria. They are listed below, and next to them are the respective Year Groups who won each category:

  • Best in Costume: Reception class

  • Best in Musicality: Year 1 class

  • Best in Timing and Synchronicity: Year 5 class

  • Best in Technique: Year 3 class

  • Best in Originality: Year 2 class

  • Best in Choreography: Year 6 class

  • Best in Showmanship & Entertainment: Year 4 class

It was a precious hour of talent show and the class teachers (come choreographers) truly did a great job in leading and directing our students to produce their dance number.

Primary School Dance Show at the International School of Samui

Explore our Primary Dance show album on Flickr

And actually, this reminds me of the Headmaster's recent article where he wrote about the finding that scientists involved in the arts, especially dance and acting, had a better chance of being awarded a Nobel prize, highlighting so emphatically how important it is to encourage children to have non-academic hobbies.

In fact, in the last 100 years, scientists who were engaged in the performing arts, such as dance, acting and the like, were 22 times more likely to have received a Nobel Prize than scientists of a similar academic ability who were not! Read the full article written by our Headmaster here.

So Primary students, do not drop your passion for dancing! Aside from physical benefits, they will help propel you towards your academic goals.

Special thanks to our Assistant Deputy Head Miss Mooney; Swimming coach and ESL teacher Mark Withers; and dance professional and studio owner Ashley who accepted the challenging roles of being the judges of this year's Primary Dance Show.

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