Remembrance Day observed

The 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month -- this is a special holiday for Commonwealth Nations, especially in Great Britain. As an international school with a British ethos, we educate our students of the value of this occasion. Every year, we gather all our students and teachers and spend two minutes of silence.

This year, Remembrance Day fell on a weekend, so we observed it in school a day earlier. Friday morning, the Headmaster, Mr Lees briefly talked about Poppy Day, its meaning, origin and purpose. This is most beneficial to our youngest students who may not understand why we had been wearing poppies on our clothing.

98 years ago, on the 11th of November at 11am, a group of countries celebrated the end of the hostility in World War I. As Mr Lees explained it, over the years, this celebration has been kept, but also modified to remember the fallen soldiers of World War I ...or any other war. And once again, it was modified to remember all our departed loved ones, or the people who are very close to us.

After our Senior House Captains and Primary Head Boy and Head Girl delivered their prose and poetry dedicated to Remembrance Day, Mr Lees encouraged us to spend a solemn 2-minutes of our day to stop and remember the people or even anything that matter to us. It was a precious moment, something that -- if not preserved -- might get lost in this age where people, technology and time are moving at a faster pace each minute.

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