Samui Schools Football League Fixture One

This weekend, ISS boys’ and girls’ football teams enjoyed a tremendous day at Samui United Academy, taking part in the Samui Schools Football League. ISS teams in all age groups were hugely successful in exciting and competitive matches against the other schools on the island.

The U9 boys, U10 girls, U11 boys and U12 girls won all of their matches, whilst the U13 boys and U14 girls delivered fantastic performances against tough competition.

With high numbers of family and friends cheering the players from the sidelines, the atmosphere was electric. From the faces of all of the supporters and players, it was clear that the day was immensely enjoyed by everyone who took part!

Congratulations are in order to every player who turned up and gave it their all! You made your coaches, teachers and families extremely proud.

Thank you to Samui United Academy for being such generous hosts. We can’t wait for Fixture Two!