Samui Sharks Swimming Success! TOSL#3.

We are enormously proud of the performance of our Samui Sharks swimming team at the recent Thanyapura Open Swim League meet on June 1st. The Sharks have trained particularly hard this year and have pushed themselves to their limits both athletically and competitively.

This year there has been a particularly busy schedule, and our swimming coach Mr Withers has really pulled out the stops to prepare the team, working incredibly hard personally, and ensuring every member of the team is 100% ready for competition.

Particular mention goes to Senior School students Haneul Fife, who has made immense progress this year and took 1st place in the 11 to 12 category, and Tom Maestracci, who came home with 2nd place in the 13 to 14 category after a year of exemplary dedication and training.

Ing Nongbualang also took 3rd place in the Boys 11 to 12 category.

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Some of our younger students also reached the podium, notably Boys 6 and under 1st place went to Henley Mosher, Girls 6 and under 2nd place to Tabitha Lees, and 3rd place to Bella Coyle. In the Boys 7 to 8 category, 2nd place went to Yunho Jang.

"The Sharks took the 3rd place trophy in the overall competition."

We would like to thank all parents for encouraging and supporting the Sharks, and particular thanks and congratulations go to Mr. Withers, under whose guidance the team look set for another fabulous year in 2019-2020.