Year 3 explore Fisherman's Wharf and its maps!

Year 3 topic this term: Looking After Our Island

On Tuesday 19th March, our Year 3 students had an exciting outing to the nearby Wharf in Fisherman's Village, Bophut. This was an important curriculum trip to learn how to create a map, by identifying the location of key landmarks, and using grid references.

The trip re-emphasized their exciting classroom discussion where the students learnt all about magnets, their workings and facts about the Earth being a huge magnet! They made their own compass using magnets, which enabled them to determine which way is North.

It was a lovely sunny day for the Wharf visit and the perfect time for us to explore before tourists flock there in the evenings. The trip's main subject focus was Geography where students learnt about annotations and symbols to mark special places of interest and buildings.

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We are very proud of our Year 3 students who all showed exceptional behaviour outside

school and represented ISS in a very positive manner. A few tourists passed by as action plans were discussed and were delighted to witness their hard-work!

The class was divided into three groups to explore the east, south and west areas surrounding the main meeting point. The children brainstormed which symbols they considered appropriate to include on their maps, as well as all the shops. They had many bright ideas, such as drawing the flag of Thailand to symbolise the souvenir shop.

Finally, year 3 students designed their own maps based on their observations. After the class had discussed how to find shops using grid references, they were were given free time in the shopping precinct's playground!

PS. Congratulations to Mr Hawkes, not only for his engaging teaching methods, but also for welcoming the newest addition to his family, a baby son called Lucas!

Click here to view and download photos from our trip....

141/21 Moo 6, Bophut, Koh Samui, Surat Thani, 84320 Thailand

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