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World Book Day

27th April 2018. For students who have been with us for more than a couple of years, World Book Day is an annual event to look forward to. It's that time of the academic year when where we all dress up in our unique favourite book character.

This is part of the school's drive to maintain, promote and engage pupil interest in reading. Children’s literature and books play an essential role in developing children’s academic engagement, development and life chances. They also provide the framework and stimulus through which to deepen their understanding of themselves and the world around them.

Our primary school teachers have prepared different activities over the course of the day aimed at creating, imagining, discovering and experiencing books in a whole new way.

The day commenced with a parade of book characters full of life. All students from the primary school walked, danced and pranced in different characters. We've seen some very creative costumes, such as 100% handmade Gandalf -- wait, there were two of them in fact! We also saw the very colourful Pippi Longstocking. Then there's the loveliest and cuddliest panda, and so much more (just look at all the amazing photos!)

After this, the pupils went to their respective classrooms where they planned and designed 'door covers' featuring a book special to their class.

  • Reception created a door themed "Traction Man" whilst Year 4 went for "The Iron Man"

  • Year 1, as usual, chose to be bright and colourful with "Rainbow Fish".

  • Year 3 featured the book they are discussing this term: "The BFG".

  • Year 2 recalled their topic last term: "The Twits." And another Roald Dahl favourite was presented by Year 5: "Boy"

  • Year 6 showed the entrance to space with their "Cosmic" door

As Miss Spencer (our Literacy Coordinator along with Mr Hawkes) said: "World Book Day is about sharing a story." And so the primary school students lived up to this promise. Plenty of book stories were shared and towards the end of the day, the entire primary school gathered together in the Drama Hall for an assembly summing up a wonderful day of literacy!

They played some quizzes testing the children's knowledge of books, and presented awards to the students who wore the best costumes. Two of the most creative and imaginative costumes in each Primary year group received a certificate.

Finally, the primary teachers treated our students to an afternoon of reading. Each primary teacher went around and read to different year groups.

No doubt, it was another special day at the Primary School of the International School of Samui, which was only a result of all the planning and organising that our primary teachers have gone through.

Thank you to everyone who took part in this annual event.


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