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Year 1 trip to Six Senses’ Organic Garden & Farm

Year 1 have been learning about where the food they eat comes from in their topic this term. Miss Ball brought this knowledge to life and arranged for her class to visit Six Senses resort’s sustainable garden to support their learning.

The aim of the trip was to educate the children about organic farming; producing crops without the use of pesticides, fertilizers and genetically modified organisms. Six Senses Resort is always innovating on new initiatives in order to minimize their environmental impact and promote sustainability. It is a beautiful site located on the northern tip of the island where guests and staff enjoy 20 acres of indigenous plants and trees with stunning views of the surrounding islands. The experienced and knowledgeable Six Senses staff taught the children about their environmentally friendly projects which include filtering and recycling their waste-water.

Year 1 children were shown a lot of plants and vegetables being grown in the organic gardens, which are used in lots of foods they eat. These included basil, chili and many other herbs and vegetables they enjoy daily.

They were thrilled to have a go at planting their own seeds but also excited to investigate the sustainable garden as well as learning about composting techniques. The children also got to feed the animals and searched for eggs in the chicken house. It was such an exciting and lovely adventure for our budding gardeners. Even the goats enjoyed their morning treats! After an exciting trip around the farm, students were encouraged to design their own farm and were treated to some delights from the resort.

Thank you Six Senses for hosting a magnificent trip and Miss Ball for being so creative and hands-on with her teaching.

Click here to view and download photos from our trip to Six Senses....


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