Year 2 learn how to sew

Yesterday Year 2 learnt how to sew with large safety needles and colourful thread. The students learnt two types of stitching; a running stitch, and a cross-stitch. The students enjoyed the new challenge of carefully sewing a neat line and all their work was successful.

Tabitha is a neat stitcher and created very tidy orange and green stitches.

“It was fun, I learnt how to do the running stitch and I didn’t even mind about threading my needle’’. Well done Tabitha.

It is important for Key Stage 1 students to learn to stitch not only for Design & Technology and applied textiles, but also to develop their fine motor skills. Fine motor skills are developed with small and careful movement coordination, and ought to be practiced as often as possible. Other examples of activities that can develop your child’s fine motor skills are writing with cursive handwriting, drawing, and cutting out tricky shapes.

Well done to Year 2 for your brilliant sewing work!

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