Year 4: Throwback to the Egyptians

On 12th October 2018, Year 4 students took us (Key Stage 2 students, their parents and teachers) back to Egyptian Days and made it an assembly to remember.

During their topic lessons year 4 students have spent the last six weeks learning all about Ancient Egypt. This topic covers all aspects of the curriculum including maths, ICT, history, geography, art, science, literacy, design and technology and it is always a very engaging topic for our year 4 students.

Mr Andrewartha was extremely proud of his students, their confidence and good behavior on stage. The focus was the history and geography of Egypt but children also took on the challenge of portraying their own understanding of the Egyptian era by creating models at home.

Each project was unique and amazing, there were mummies, pyramids, a typical Egyptian tomb, bird's eye view of life on the Nile, Egyptian tools for working the land and many more creations. Furthermore, the class also had the chance to experience a real "mummy" during their school trip to the "Mummified Monk".

Read about their latest adventure in the south of Koh Samui to meet a 40-year old mummy here.

Each topic is consolidated in the form of a theatrical assembly where Ancient Egypt is re-enacted in a fun way by these young students studying a difficult topic. The completion of a half-term of hard-work is a showcase for the parents and other students' giving everyone a synopsis of Ancient Egypt with good humour.

The assembly began with a dramatic rendition of the life of Osiris (Yong Seon). The story was beautifully narrated by Professor Pyramid (Sasha). There was beautiful Egyptian dancing by Nora, Bibi, Jenna and Caelyn. Parents were taken through the steps of life and death of Osiris.

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Congratulations to the cast and crew of this Egyptian production:

  • Sasha - Professor Pyramid

  • Yong Seon - Osiris

  • Louis - Seth

  • Sonic - Isis

  • Sophia - Horus

  • Caelyn, Nora, Jenna & Bibi - Egyptian Dancers

  • Ken & Kirill - Seth's servants

  • Tao & Kaegan - Prop designers and backstage crew

  • Finn, Alex & Theo - Programmers

Every assembly celebrates our weekly Stars in primary school and this week Sasha received it for his brilliant acting (check out our Stars of the Week page here) as "Professor Pyramid" on this occasion.

Yong Seon was so enthused by this subject that he spent hours and hours researching Ancient Egypt, Egyptians, Egyptology which hugely impressed his teacher and earned him a well-deserved Headmistress Award. Well done Yong Seon for your enthusiasm.

A few students wowed the audience with their computer programming skills even at such a young age: Theo, Alex and Finn designed their own Egyptian-themed games which they spent many hours programming during their ICT lessons. This photo displays all the codes Finn had to put together to create a game with which he entertained the audience and Head Boy, Julian, who volunteered to play it on stage.

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Parents were encouraged to enjoy the small museum of Ancient Egyptian artefacts on display. Parents and teachers were filled with awe as they admired every project and let the children explain the concept of their project, the materials they used and what they were trying to achieve and showcase with this exercise.

It was definitely a wonderful Friday treat for everyone present and the Year 4 students did an excellent job of sharing what they had learnt about Ancient Egypt as well as showcasing their masterpieces to the assembled crowd.

Click here to view the entire photo album on Flickr

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