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2019 Easter celebrations at ISS

Can you believe Easter is almost upon us? This worldwide holiday celebrating ‘new life’ usually marks the beginning of festivities at the International School of Samui. Easter is celebrated around the world in a surprising variety of ways, with traditions differing from country to country according to their ethnic and cultural origins. British ethos and values are at the core of the International School of Samui’s values and, as Easter is widely celebrated around Great Britain, we feel it is important our students learn all about the traditions behind the Easter celebration.

We celebrate Easter with art and an active Easter egg hunt and all primary children take part in these activities. Children design, paint or colour a paper egg which brings their creativity and imagination to life. Indeed, whilst decorating their cards on Monday, one of the year 4 students asked: “Why do they use bunny rabbits to represent Easter when bunnies don’t lay eggs? Shouldn’t they use chickens?” A valid question from an 8 year old!

By end of day, the primary school had a full stack of beautifully made Easter cards which were displayed on a beautiful display designs by our diligent TAs turning the common room into a gallery. Over 100 Easter cards were on show and the primary school invited some senior students to pick the three most beautiful and most creative cards.

Congratulations to Seraphina (Year 6) (KS2 winner), Sofiia (Year 2) (KS1 winner) and Scarlett (Reception winner) for their artistic skills who produced stand-out entries this year.

The zealous egg hunt took place on Tuesday with all 3 houses (Einstein, Darwin and Newton) competing for the most eggs found. “The Golden eggs” gave them double points so these were highly-prized finds!. The children loved to cuddle the Easter Bunny who arrived with plenty of sweet treats!

It was a really fun day, on such a sweltering day outside, everyone was immensely grateful for the coolness of the air-conditioned indoor sports hall.

We would like to thank Mrs A. for her planning and Mr Armitage for this support with the student council and year 7 participation to create an enjoyable and fun egg-hunt. The year 7s had a big task of setting up the egg hunt, they tallied the scores for each house.

Wishing all our international families a very Happy Easter and enjoyable break.


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