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Black Knight Chess Tournament

In chess, who is more powerful than the king and queen? The player, of course. Nothing happens without the wits of the player. And our students like to exercise that power quite a lot. Here at the International School of Samui, chess is a part of our daily routine. Probably not one school day goes by without the king, queen, knights and bishops moving.

Playing this centuries-old board game is a favourite past time and after school activity in this international school in the south of Thailand. Our long-time Chess ECA provider, Stan, is at school almost everyday and teaches group and private lessons to expat children around the island. And he also organises Chess tournaments at least twice a year.

On 25th February, the knights were once again in action. At 11am, 20 children from ISS and other international schools convened in the school library for chess games in two categories: Intermediate and Advanced.

A dozen children played in the intermediate level and three of them came up to the top:


1st place: George Alexandrov

2nd place: Theodore Lees

3rd place: Artem Mironov


1st place: Katya Maleeva

2nd place: Sasha Patrenko

3rd place: Tabitha Lees

Whilst, from the Advanced category, these 3 boys were the best players that day:

1st place: Artemij Martynov

2nd place: Michael Komissorov

3rd place: Petr Volkov

Congratulations to all the winners of the Black Knight Chess tournament! As you get older, you can only get better if you stay on course.

Stan has been our Chess ECA provider since 2015. He used to play professionally and is currently the number one player by chess rating in Thailand. His FIDE (World Chess Federation) rating is 2500, which is grandmaster level. To know more about his private lessons, contact him at


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