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Brothers sharing the same passion

At the International School of Samui, we are a big family of families clustered together by education. That said, most students treat their best of friends as brothers and sisters. But we also have biological brothers and sisters who are best friends. They share the same interests and goals, and naturally they help each other achieve their dreams.

This was no more evident than the recent competitions which two sets of brothers took part in.

Rubix Cube Masters:

The Anestad brothers

Their father shared their experience with us:

Martin (Year 6) & Tobias (Year 5) were very excited to go to Bangkok in their first Rubix Cube competition. The competition was a one day event and was limited to 100 competitors.

Both Tobias and Martin competed in 2x2x2 and 3x3x3. In addition, Martin did 3x3x3 one-handed and 5x5x5.

Being in their first competition, they were both nervous on their first solves, finishing longer than their average times. However, as they got used to the “pressure” their times were coming down to their usual. They didn’t set any personal best times, but were happy to be able to compete for the first time and perform at a reasonable pace.

They also made some new friends for the day. Results wise, Tobias and Martin ended up in the middle of the tree for newcomers and were overall happy with the results!

We are very proud and impressed with you Martin and Tobias! You have taken the first step to achieving more.

Going into a competition for the first time, not knowing what the results might be takes tremendous effort, courage and confidence.

And besides, for us here at ISS, you are our Rubix cube masters! 


Our terrific Tennis players:

The Lawlor brothers

Sean (Year 6) and Anrai (Year 8) are another set of duo brothers whom we are extremely proud of. These boys are physically active -- they are almost always present on all marathons on the island. Moreover, they are both part of the ISS Swimming Sharks team, constantly training for excellence in the water.

Indeed, Anrai was just named as the top Shark for April. According to Mr Withers: "Anrai is always early for training, often being the first one on poolside. He is focused on the targets for the training session and never complains about a thing. He gets his head down and works hard in the pool and this makes Anrai an excellent example for the younger swimmers."

At the beginning of this month, both Sean and Anrai took part in the P80 Rising Star Road to Olympic 2018 by Toyota which was a tennis competition held in Phuket.

They have been taking part in tennis competitions in their own schedule and this time, Sean made his first major breakthrough landing on third place in Boy's Singles 12 and under category! Congratulations Sean!

You boys are on track to be the younger version of Serena and Venus Williams! Keep up the great work and keep motivating and challenging each other.

Here at ISS, we are always hungry for good news from students and parents! We would be very happy to hear of your children's awesome activities outside school. Please share them with us and we will be thrilled to share them with our community!

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