Here's a professional equestrian in the making

27th May 2018.

Our Year 6 student Laura Theobald is following her heart and developing her interest in horseback riding into a valuable skill.

The family traveled to Phuket to join a jumping competition, where she came in third place for the 50cm jumping category!

Phuket Andaman Horse Riding is an equestrian centre in Phuket, where students from international schools including the British International School Phuket (BISP) train. Indeed this recent event was sponsored by BISP.

That morning Laura competed against 5 other riders with her teammate -- this beautiful horse named Speed. Following this, she also took part in the Xgames with another horse called Baila.

As her mum shared with us, Laura has always been interested in horses. She started riding when she was about three. However it wasn't the easiest of journeys.

She had a few setbacks as a young child which included some injury that prevented her from training more frequently. Add to that the fact that her equestrian school is 300++ kilometres away, in Phuket.

All these challenges, big and small, did not stop her from furthering her knowledge of these very beautiful & helpful creatures. She is also mastering the skill of working and partnering with them to get at her aimed destination: excellence!

Engaging in these activities has only ignited her love for animals, especially horses. Her mum said that following this event, they got back straight into reading books and movies about horses, beginning with the classic Black Beauty

Laura will be competing again in September and we are closely following her!

We are just delighted to have students who have natural and genuine love of learning, be it academic or sports and are willing to go the extra mile to achieve more skills and abilities.

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