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ISS U-11 boys football team on track!

Friday the 2nd of February was the biggest day in the (short) history of the SSFL. The day saw all 4 teams in the league compete at the same time which delivered a crowd pleasing 71 goals. Congratulations to Jaydon (OIS), Pandora (OIS), Ugo (SCL), Aaliyah (SCL), Carla (PYD), Natacha (PYD) who all scored 3 or 4 goals.

Top scorer award goes to Emili (OIS) who scored 5 goals in one game! Well done.

(Excerpt from SSFL latest news page written by Mr Sam Cosslett. Read the full article here.)

ISS went home with 3 points, thanks to our U-11 boys who won 3-2 against Panyadee. Alex (Year 5), Maxim (Year 6) and Panu (Year 5) secured these goals. All three boys grew up with a football, and together with their team members, they are on track to gaining victory in the U-11 boys' division. We are only 1 point behind Panyadee who is at the top of the list.

The boys team, led by Mr Andrewartha, is very much determined to keep the ball up.

Our U-11 girls gave Panyadee a good game. Laura (Year 6) scored a goal for her team. Diego (Year 10) and Norma (Year 8) scored a goal each for our U-14 teams. But Panyadee played really good in their home pitch that day.

U-11 girls after the game with Panyadee students

Diego playing for ISS football team against Panyadee

There are four more games in this league for Academic Year 2017/2018 -- of which 3 involves our school.

It's going to be a challenging season for us and we are taking it on!​ Especially for our next meet with Panyadee. We will be playing in our home turf on 11th May. Watch this space!

Norma waiting to hit the goal

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