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ISS U-11 boys hailed by SSFL

This post first appeared at, written by ISS Senior School ICT teacher, Mr Sam Cosslett.

The dust has settled and the results are in from a thrilling afternoon of football. This fixture was highly entertaining and all athletes involved should be commended for playing with such great sportsmanship and respect. ​The SSFL is happy to announce that we now have our first division champions... ​Well done to the ISS U11 boys who defeated OIS today, the 3 points earned places them mathematically out of reach and official champions. OIS have second place secured but third place is still achievable for both SCL and PYD.

The final results from today's games were: U14 boys

Winners: International School of Samui Score: 6 - 1 ​Goal Scorers ​OIS: Kristian ​ISS: Diego (3), Te (2), Tom U14 Girls

Draw Score: 1 - 1 ​Goal Scorers ​OIS: Chayene ​SCL: Norma U11 Boys

Winners: International School of Samui Score: 2 - 1 ​Goal Scorers: OIS : Finlay ​ISS: Alex, Maxim U11 Girls

Winners: International School of Samui Score: 6 - 2 ​Goal Scorers: ​OIS: Narnia, Baitong ISS: Bonnie (3), Melanie (2), Keira


​There are three fixtures left to be played in the SSFL in which ISS, SCL and PYD will all face each other one more time. PYD are looking to be strong favourites in the U14 boys division, however it is still mathematically possible for both ISS and SCL to win depending on results and GD.

PYD are also looking to be favourites in the U14 girls division, a win over SCL next week should secure the league, a draw or a loss will see them enter a tense final with ISS.

​SCL's U11 girls have been sensational all year, they are currently top of the table and stand a good chance of winning the league. PYD are hot on their heels and are only one point behind. Their clash next week will be crucial in deciding the championship. ISS still stand a small chance of winning this division IF PYD beat SCL next week and ISS beat PYD in the final match. ​If your head hurts after reading this... we don't blame you. To simplify the last paragraph we could have just said that there is still everything to play for in the final three fixtures and good luck to all of the teams!

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