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Music: Celebrating a creative musician <br> from Year 6

Our Director of Music, Mr Dan Gubbins and the entire school are extremely proud of Max from Year 6 as he completed his latest original composition. He has named his masterpiece "Burn After Reading" which includes some lyrics about being a spy.

According to Mr Gubbins, Max worked on this piece over the last two terms and pretty much all instruments you can hear in the audio were played by himself.

Max is a very talented student, especially in Arts. We have high hopes and expectations that he will be a successful artist, should he choose this line of expertise.

Max's mum was very much delighted upon hearing her son's work and said, "…it’s not often I am lost for words, WOW is about the size of it!! Another shining example of the opportunity and amazing level of education ISS offers. The standard of teaching and creativity never ceases to amaze me, nor does my precious boy Max :-) Thanks so much for sending me it Dan, It’s made my day. What a star you are, I look forward to the album"..

Below is Max's audio piece on Soundcloud. We recommend listening to it using a good audio speaker on your computer as the hours of production time might be wasted on some mobile devices. :)


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