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Primary Production 2019: Peter Pan

This year’s Primary School production Peter Pan was probably the most ambitious in the school’s history, with rehearsals starting as early as August 2018, when Mr Hawkes and Mrs Kriya first cast our talented young actors and actresses from Years 2 to 6.

Such a long period of development truly gave rise to a super slick show, spanning two performances – the evening of Friday the 24th May, and a matinee performance on Saturday the 25th, where nine long months of practice and dedication were in full effect.

Peter Pan was a joyful mix of songs, silliness and superb scene changes that showcased the wealth of talent we are fortunate to have here at ISS, both among the students, and the teachers and parents who gave their time so generously to make this a very special event.

Heading up the cast in the starring role was Marvin as a sprightly Peter Pan, with Mook as a very caring Young Wendy, supported by a sneering Captain Hook, convincingly portrayed by Ruby.

Our singing stars Kafield, Ruby, Sophia and Bibi balanced out the story with a mix of confidently performed musical numbers alongside the school choir, all of which transformed a classic play into one of the most memorable moments of the school year.

Changes to the Drama Hall this year also allowed our stage team to create some theatrical surprises thanks to some carefully crafted set designs, and clever sound and lighting tricks overseen by the two “Mr As” (Alex B and Mr Andrewartha).

Our thanks go out to everyone who gave their time and support to make this such a special show: the cast, crew, stage team, singers, dancers, parents and support team, and particularly Mrs Kriya and Mr Hawkes who turned Peter Pan into something of a labour of love.

Watch the show:

Stage Team

Leon, Han, Aiden, Alex, Robin, Tobias, Max


Tabitha, Dahai, Jesse, Tommy, Tristan, Rosie, Nora, Theo, Mine, Nongyhok, Uracha, Leonardo,


Mook as Young Wendy

Lily as Old Wendy

Marvin as Peter pan

Chompoo as Tinkerbell

Petr as Mr Smee

Ruby as Captain Hook

Matt as Crocodile

Jinni, Joselyn, Sofia as Mermaids

Leah as Liza

Julian as Nana

Seraphina as Tiger Lily

Jasmin, Sara, Bibi, Alisa, Jenna as Native-Indians

Louis as Michael Darling

Kafield as Mary Darling

Lou Jenna Darling

Conor as George Darling

Egor, Nelson, Moritz, Gregory, Ken, Peter as Pirate Crewmen

Arda, Micah, Kalina, Sophia, Saskia, Sonic, Leila as Lost Boys

Support Team

Mrs Andrewartha

Mr Andrewartha

Mr Mitcham

Mr Gubbins

Mr Matthew

Pee Aor

Pee Raan

Pee Pak

Pee Chompoo


Peter Pan moms and dads


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